Former Brigadier General, Amaan Azmi – son of Gulam Azom has been Kidnapped by Bangladesh government


Lady Hitler of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is pursuing an active policy of abduction and kidnap of the children of members of the opposition parties. 30 to 40 people wearing civilian clothes and driving unmarked cars broke down the front door of the house of late professor Gulam Azom and arrested his son Amaan Azmi, a former Brigadier General of Bangladesh Army, who was living there.
The house keeper was badly beaten, bloodied and left unconscious. He has been taken to an undisclosed location. They did not have a warrant for arrest, he was never been tried for any crime and his arrest has no judicial basis. Amaan Azmi is not the first children of opposition party leader that has been abducted and held against their will or judicial process by the current government. I understand the fathers are being accused of political crimes but what have the children done? What crime have they committed? The truth is the son of the current Prime Minister has looted billions of dollars from the Bangladeshi coffers and many senior Awami League members sons and daughters have systemically robbed Bangladesh. Collective punishment is being given to innocent members of the family of opposition party activists by Hasina and her bootlickers who are guilty of bigger crimes.

The current Prime Minister Hasina has reduced Bangladesh to her whimsical totalitarian fiefdom terrorising the people of the country to total submission to her absolute will. What kind of Frankenstein monster do you have to be to systematically destroy a country! In fact she does this because she gets total support from Indian administration. India’s end game is simple – to destabilise the second most populous Muslim country in the world and exploit its natural resources for her own economic progress. This is a sad day for all for there will come a time when India would regret its foreign policies towards Bangladesh and its incestuous relationship with Awami League leaders.

Hasina and her cronies can arrest as many people as possible and kill as many opposition leaders and members as she wishes but her end will come one day. My fear is she will have a miserable end and her party members will not find even a rathole to hide. People of Bangladesh will seek justice for the reign of terror and brutality that they have suffered at the hands of Hasina and her party thugs.

In the meantime my prayers are with the family of Amaan Azmi and all other innocent people who have been abducted by this pharaoh like Prime Minister of Bangladesh. May God help Bangladeshi people to remove this evil person from power and restore peace, stability, security, rule of law and democracy in Bangladesh.


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